Fall Cleaning Is Our Spring Cleaning

While the rest of the country is starting to batten down the hatches as we head into fall, in the Phoenix area, it’s a different story. This is when we look forward to cool evenings, opening the doors, and airing out our homes. For us, the traditional spring cleaning is fall cleaning. Even if you have your home professionally cleaned weekly or every other week, it’s still important to do that annual restorative clean.

What Is Fall Cleaning?

While we may do it at a different time of year, fall cleaning is spring cleaning. And because of that, the same rules apply. This is the time to do that big house clean from top to bottom. While your home is no doubt clean, there are some aspects that aren’t usually included in a routine appointment by your professional house cleaner. Those are the kinds of things you’ll want to address this fall.

Areas to focus on during fall cleaning include:

  • Drapery and upholstery
  • Windows
  • Beds and linens
  • Appliances

Drapery and Upholstery

When was the last time you vacuumed your sofa? Or took down the drapes in your home for a good cleaning? How about really getting into those blinds for a dusting?

A deep fall cleaning is the perfect time to tackle these chores. Why? Mostly because, after your carpet, fabric upholstery and drapery are huge air filters in your home—meaning they trap everything. Dust, dirt, and dander are going to make their way into these fabrics.

Check out our tips for cleaning your upholstery, whether it’s fabric or leather.

As for those drapes and blinds, remove all drapes from the windows and have them professionally laundered (usually dry cleaned). Use your microfiber cloth or special blind duster to clean all the blinds. Bonus points for taking those off as well, although that’s definitely a big job.


While you’re cleaning your drapes and have bare windows, this is a great time to get those deep cleaned. The process is relatively simple and requires items you probably have in your home already.

Pella offers a simple approach to window cleaning that uses a vinegar-water mixture, lint-free cloth, a squeegee, and clean water. As the weather cools down, this is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to be involved. And you’ll enjoy a much better view!

Beds and Linens

Fall cleaning is the perfect time to flip your mattress. You should be doing this quarterly to ensure you don’t have any divots in the mattress. (Note: If you have a foam mattress, it doesn’t need to be flipped, only rotated.)

While you’re turning the mattresses, be sure to remove and wash all of your mattress pads and vacuum—yes, vacuum—your mattress. Dead skin and dust mites get into the mattress, so a good vacuum (we like HEPA vacuums) will do it a world of good.

Be sure to wash all of your comforters, throws, and decorative pillowcases. Most pillows can be tossed in the dryer to fluff up and kill any dust mites. Then you’ll be ready for a great night’s sleep!


Luckily, most appliances these days are relatively easy to clean. Stoves have self-cleaning options, and you can purchase cleaners for your washing machine and dishwasher. While you likely clean out old food in your refrigerator regularly, fall cleaning is a great excuse for really getting in there and washing down the complete thing. Defrost your freezer, pull out everything, and give all of the shelves a good wash. Who knows what you’ll find back in the corners!

Maintain Your Regular Home-cleaning Schedule

In addition to the deep fall cleaning you’ll be undertaking, you can make most of your household chores much easier by maintaining a regular home-cleaning schedule. Trust Carnation Home Cleaning to be your partner in keeping your home clean. And if you didn’t know, we can also help with fall cleaning as well. Just ask!