How to Maintain Your Home Between Professional Cleaning Appointments

One of the reasons to outsource home cleaning is to take it off your plate. But for most of us, we don’t have a daily cleaning team. Instead, they come on a regular interval of once a week, every other week, or once a month. That means that, invariably, you’ll have to maintain your home between cleanings. Just a little bit of time and energy from you can keep your home clean and tidy while helping your cleaning team when they make their way back for a professional cleaning.

Schedule Time to Clean and Maintain Your Home

While spot cleaning is always good, especially after making dinner or before company arrives, it’s a smart idea to set aside specific time to clean. When you designate a full hour a week to clean, you’ll stay on task and complete the work faster. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that hour passes as well as how much you can get accomplished when you’re focused.

In that hour, don’t do laundry or dishes. Instead, spend your time on simple cleaning tasks that are needed to maintain your home. That means wiping down surfaces and vacuuming, for a start.

Also use your time to declutter. Throughout the week, many of us tend to make piles around the house, and when you maintain your home between cleanings, you’ll be sure to put those away. That certainly helps your cleaning team get right to work, rather than having to move things around (or potentially put them somewhere you didn’t want them).

Keep the Right Supplies on Hand

Your professional cleaning team will arrive at your home stocked with everything they need to do their job, but what about you? Do you have the right supplies on hand to maintain your home in between cleanings?

Some of the items you’ll want to purchase include:

  • Neutral cleaning products: Remember, clean doesn’t smell
  • Microfiber cloths: These reduce cross contamination and do a great job picking up dirt and dust (be sure to launder them regularly)
  • A good HEPA vacuum: The team at Carnation Home Cleaning recommends Miele
  • An apron: Keeps all of your tools on board with you, saving you time running back and forth throughout your home (and protects your clothes from potential splashes and dust).
  • A caddy: This allows you to easily store your cleaning products and grab them when needed

Be Consistent with Cleaning

When you have your cleaning team visit on a regular basis, as well as maintain your home in the interim, you’ll see that the whole job of keeping your house clean is easier. Between what you’re doing and their more comprehensive cleans, you’ll keep dirt, dust, and germs at bay. That means scheduling your time to clean regularly. Whether it’s one evening after work or on a weekend morning, the more you can do the help maintain your home, the better your results will be.

An Organized Home Is Easier to Clean

In addition to putting away those piles you’ve accumulated during the week, definitely aim to organize your home. Now that you’re not spending hours cleaning, why not schedule a little time to clean out and organize your kitchen cabinets, pantry, storage areas, or garage? We’re pretty sure that you’ll find that, once you feel more organized, you’ll be more likely to stop piling and start putting things where they belong. And that will cut down on your overall cleaning time, whether your professional cleaning team is doing it or you are.

If you’re not already working with a professional home cleaning service, Carnation Home Cleaning is ready to jump. (And if you’re unhappy with your current company, we can help delight you as well.) We always provide free estimates and can get you started soon. Then all you’ll have to do is maintain your home in between our visits. Sounds good to us!