Health Benefits of Regular Cleaning

It’s no surprise that a clean home can help you feel better; who doesn’t enjoy having everything in its place? But did you know that there are real health benefits of regular cleaning? From a better mood to increased physical fitness, here are just some of the ways that keeping your house clean can help you be healthier.

Clean and Organized Means Less Stress

While a messy desk may be a sign of genius, household clutter can cause stress and even insomnia. According to one study, however, just 20 minutes of cleaning can have a significantly positive impact on your mental health.

The act of cleaning turns off your mind for a bit so you can stress less. Plus, getting rid of clutter around your house can effectively help your mind to eliminate clutter as well. Grab a rag or broom and get cleaning!

Sleep Better with a Cleaner House

There are lots of negatives about stress, one of which can is keeping you from sleeping well. Insomnia is often caused by the fact that you can’t turn your mind off—perhaps because you’re thinking about your not-so-clean house? One of the huge health benefits of regular cleaning is that you’ll get more and better sleep.

The real cause of your insomnia might be your surroundings. People who make their beds regularly are 19% more likely to get a better night’s sleep. And 75% of people sleep better on clean sheets. Apparently, mom gets another checkmark for telling us to make our beds!

Cleaner Home, Fitter Body

According to a study conducted at the University of Indiana, if you have a clean home, you’re likely to be fitter than someone who doesn’t. That’s right: one of the health benefits of regular cleaning could mean you enjoy more physical activity. In part, that’s because it takes work to clean a home. Dusting, sweeping, and mopping can all be pretty strenuous.

You may also be more inclined to clean because you’re in better overall physical health. Studies show that people who exercise regularly are generally more disciplined, which means you’re more likely to not only exercise but to stay up on cleaning activities.

The good habits of keeping a clean home relate to the good habits of staying physically active—and vice versa. A 2013 study showed a correlation between subjects being in a clean, tidy room and choosing healthier foods. Your environment supports the health benefits of regular cleaning.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

It’s common sense that one of the major health benefits of regular cleaning is keeping allergies at bay. A dirty home is a haven for germs, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria and can help spread colds and viruses. In fact, many scientists believe that the pollution inside a home can be higher than that outside!

Some of the areas to focus on to really reap the health benefits of regular cleaning include rooms that can get damp, such as bathrooms, garages, and basements, to mitigate mold and mildew. Be sure to vacuum carpets and upholstery often to eliminate dander, dust, and bacteria. And of course, wipe down frequently used areas to get rid of germs.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Regular Cleaning

If you didn’t realize that a clean home can help you and your family be healthier, think again. There are multiple health benefits of regular cleaning, not the least of which is improved mental health. And although it’s not technically going to boost your health, keeping your home clean and tidy also saves money. That’s right: you can save money when you clean. How? Remember the last time you had to buy something you knew you had but couldn’t find? That’s nothing compared to extending the life of appliances, carpets, and furniture. And what about identifying bigger issues that are unearthed through cleaning? Those savings can really add up!

If you’re one of the many people who doesn’t like to clean but still wants to enjoy the health benefits of regular cleaning, it may be time to outsource. Hiring a professional home cleaning service such as Carnation Home Cleaning helps you to realize all of the benefits without all of the work. Take a walk, run, bike ride, or swim while we do the cleaning. Come home to tidy, organized surroundings that will free up your mind, help you sleep better, and keep your family healthier.

Sounds like the best kind of happy ending.

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