Is There a Right Way How to Fill a Dishwasher?

The first useful dishwasher was invented—by a woman, no less—in 1886. Since that time, people around the globe have been wondering: Is there a right way how to fill a dishwasher? Why How to Fill a Dishwasher Matters Maybe you’re quite particular and feel there...

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Your 2019 Cleaning Checklist

Do your New Year’s resolutions include keeping a cleaner home? If not, you may want to consider adding that to your list. After all, having a cleaner home leads to a happier, healthier you. Studies show that people with clean, organized homes sleep better, have less...

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How to Keep a Clean Home for the Holidays

Ah, the holiday season. It’s a time of festivities and family, with people coming and going. And with all that activity, it’s no wonder your home gets pretty dirty. We all want clean homes year round, but having a clean home for the holidays can become a priority....

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Bathroom Cleaning: What Are You Missing?

It seems pretty obvious to say it: The goal of bathroom cleaning is a clean bathroom. Many of us miss some of the critical areas, unfortunately. And your bathroom is one of the most high-traffic, high-germ rooms in your home. When it comes to keeping your bathroom...

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Home Cleaning Basics: How Often Should You Be Cleaning?

Home cleaning chores can be, well, a chore! From work and family responsibilities to errands and appointments, it’s hard to find the time to squeeze cleaning into your busy schedule. How often are you tackling regular chores such as vacuuming and cleaning the...

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Are You Practicing Pet-friendly Cleaning?

You love your pets. They’re part of your family. You’d do anything to keep them safe, happy, and healthy, right? But if you’re cleaning your home with certain harsh cleansers, you could inadvertently be putting them in danger. Practicing pet-friendly cleaning can...

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Are You Using Safe Cleaning Products?

Clean doesn’t have a smell. Really. Those smell-good household cleaners you’re using at home may be exposing your family and your pets to dangerous toxins—and health risks. Did you know that the average household contains 62 toxic chemicals? What may shock you is that...

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5 Tips for Clean Air in Your Home

Having clean air in your home is critical for your family’s health and safety. Which do you think is dirtier: indoor air or outdoor air? Would you be surprised to learn indoor air is dirtier? In fact, indoor air quality is estimated to be five times more polluted than...

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Manage Allergies with Home Cleaning

Got allergies? While you can’t completely escape allergens in your house, you can manage allergies with home cleaning. The trick is focusing your cleaning efforts and keeping allergies in mind. After all, there are day-to-day allergens as well as those seasonal...

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Green Home Cleaning: Why It’s Important

As a homeowner, you want a clean house. But you also want to help the environment. You can do both when you embrace green home cleaning, otherwise known as eco-friendly cleaning. Carnation Home Cleaning provides simple ways to ditch the chemicals without sacrificing anything in your clean home.

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The Gift Of A Clean Home Is Truly Special! 

Treat That Special Someone This Holiday Season Give the gift of a clean home to that special loved one this year. Carnation Home Cleaning gift cards are available in any amount, starting at $250 and can be used towards one-time cleaning, or repeat cleaning services....

Karen Gowing wins Cleaner of the year

Congratulations to Karen Gowing for winning Cleaner of the year from ARCSI, a Division of ISSA. Karen Received on-stage recognition and a standing ovation at the 2018 ISSA Show in Dallas. In addition to a Trophy and a $500 award, Karen also received an all-expense...

Pumpkin Decoration Contest: Voting Is Open

Vote For Your Favorite Pumpkin Decoration by November 1st We have a little contest going on over at the office, and we need your help. Our cleaning technicians have decorated pumpkins and brought them into the office to display for all to see. We're asking...

Sometimes, moving up means moving out.

Team Leader Linda recently passed her written exam to become a police officer. While we’re sorry to see her go, we’re excited about her reaching her goals!

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