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Feel comfortable knowing your home is cleaned on the same day, by the same people in the same way, every time.

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Enjoy the confidence of having your home cleaned by those who are trained, tested and continually evaluated on how to clean a home to exacting standards.

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Take pleasure in the pre-clean briefings and post-clean reports you receive from Carnation.

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repeat cleaning

Our specialty. Relax knowing that your home is cleaned to the same exacting standards every time.

one-time cleaning

You’ll be amazed at how clean your home is after our friendly technicians finish the job.

move-in / move-out

Relax knowing the home is cleaned the way you want.


Our professional and skillfully trained technicians will turn your construction site into a showcase.


Enjoy the great reviews, as your guests rave about the cleanliness of your property

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I would recommend Carnation to anyone who needs some home cleaning and the white carnation left in the master bathroom with the business card, class act.

Troy P.

gave Carnation Home Cleaning, Inc. a 5-star review.
Carnation house cleaning did a fabulous job. on my house I felt so comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend them.

Diane B.

gave Carnation Home Cleaning, inc. a 4-star review.
We’ve been using Carnation Home Cleaning for a couple of years now and I’m SO comfortable with this team. They treat my home as if it were their own.


gave Carnation Home Cleaning, inc. a 5-star review
How to Remove Bathroom Mildew

How to Remove Bathroom Mildew

If there’s one room in your house you should probably clean a little more thoroughly and often, it’s your bathroom. Not only are there a lot of germs traipsing through that little room, it harbors other issues as well. One of those can be mildew. Thankfully, this...

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6 Health Benefits of a Clean Home

6 Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Wanting to have a clean home and having a clean home are too often very different things. But what if you knew there were inherent health benefits of a clean home? Would that inspire you to get your house in order? The truth is that there are a number of great...

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Bathroom Cleaning: What You May Be Missing

When it comes to keeping your home tidy, there are plenty of areas to consider. While we may focus on dusting, vacuuming, or keeping the kitchen counters clean, what about the bathrooms? Bathroom cleaning is one of those tasks most of us abhor, if the truth be told....

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Combat Allergy Season with a Cleaner Home

Allergies can be a big issue for us desert dwellers. From pollen to pet dander, there are plenty of things in the air that can make us keep the tissue box handy. But have you considered that your home is hindering your efforts to fight allergies? A clean home is a...

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