Clean Doesn’t Smell

When most of us think of something that’s clean, we think of a smell. That smell could be bleach, lemon, pine, eucalyptus, or floral. It’s probably a scent that we grew up with when Mom or Grandma cleaned. Who doesn’t have a memory associated with the smell of Pine-Sol or Pledge? But the truth of the matter is that clean doesn’t smell. That’s just the story we’ve been sold by advertising agencies and the makers of mass-produced cleaning agents.

At Carnation Home Cleaning, though, we know that clean—in fact—doesn’t smell. When your home is dusted, vacuumed, swept, and mopped, you should smell a lack of scent. Your nose shouldn’t be assaulted by canned fragrances. That’s our firm belief, and we have some reasons behind it.

Clean Doesn’t Smell Because We Don’t Use Chemicals

While there are certainly some toxic-free cleaning agents available on the store shelves that contain natural scents, most don’t. In fact, manufacturers aren’t even required to list every single ingredient that goes into cleaning solutions. That means you could be buying something that is full of volatile organic compounds (VOC), including formaldehyde.

Even in “natural” products, you could be exposed to more chemicals than you bargained for.

Think about some of the most natural chemicals people use to clean their homes: bleach and ammonia. Both of these have been used for generations. And unfortunately, these chemicals can cause all kinds of issues for your family.

Both ammonia and bleach can cause burning of the nose, throat, and respiratory tract when inhaled. If exposed to the skin, irritations are likely to occur. And children are much more susceptible than adults. What if a child ingests that “harmless” ammonia or bleach you’re using to clean your home? You’ll likely be making a call to the poison center.

That Clean Smell Could Be Misleading

We know that the smell associated with many household cleaners can be dangerous to people and pets. But did you know it can also give you a false sense of cleanliness? Even the most cluttered home suddenly seems cleaner with a few spritzes of air freshener. But that’s not really clean, is it?

If your nose is accustomed to believing that clean is accompanied by a certain smell, if you smell that scent, you could be tricked into thinking things are clean. You know what really gets a home clean? Some good old elbow grease!

Nature-derived cleaners, such as lemon juice, soap and water, vinegar, and deionized water (which is what we use), cut grease, eliminate mildew, and remove dirt just as well as—if not better than—their chemical-laden cousins. It’s the person behind the sponge or cloth who should be doing the work, not the chemical. Remember that if you’re choosing a “spray it and forget it” cleaning agent, you’re likely depositing dangerous chemicals in your home.

Why We Chose This as Our Tagline

Every brand has a tagline. “Just do it,” “I’m lovin’ it,” and “Expect more. Pay less.” are all taglines associated with some of the country’s best-known brands. They conjure a certain feeling associated with that brand. At Carnation Home Cleaning, we wanted our tagline to do the same. “Clean doesn’t smell” is the way we run our business; it’s our philosophy. We want our customers to know our belief around the fact that clean doesn’t smell. And it lets them know our position on the topic.

Because we use the tagline “clean doesn’t smell,” we are saying that we don’t use chemicals when cleaning homes. Those three simple words convey that we believe in the power of nature-derived cleaning approaches and that we work hard to clean the homes of our customers without leaving behind any smells—good or bad. We say a lot without having to say much.

Are you ready for a clean home that doesn’t smell like lemons, wildflowers, or linen? Wouldn’t you like to come home to no smells, no headaches, and no potential toxic fumes? We feel the same. Contact us today to get a quote, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about why we believe clean doesn’t smell.