Fall Cleaning: What Should You Tackle First?

After record-breaking high temperatures, we’re finally looking at highs in the 70s. And that means our cool season has arrived in Phoenix! While other parts of the country look forward to spring to open up and thoroughly clean their homes, here we have another tradition: fall cleaning.

As you embrace the cooler weather and start doing some deep cleaning around the house, where should you start? Here are some ideas.

Let the Light in by Cleaning Your Windows

When it’s in the 100s outside, we really don’t want to let in too much light. After all, it’s accompanied by more heat—and who wants that? But when the temperatures drop, that’s a great time to open windows and doors for some fall cleaning. Of course, you want those windows to be clean and clear first.

A simple, nontoxic formula of one part white vinegar to two parts water is the best for getting streak-free windows. Bob Vila suggests these easy steps:

  1. Wash the windows first with fresh water, mixed in a bucket with a drop or two of liquid dish soap. Use either a sponge or microfiber. Start at the top and work down, including sides and ledges.
  2. Spray your vinegar/water mixture on the windows and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth, using a Z-shaped motion.
  3. Repeat step 2 if streaks remain or the window is very dirty.

For outside windows, the process is similar:

  1. Rinse the windows with a hose first.
  2. Wash the windows with water mixed with a drop of liquid dish soap. For higher windows, use a ladder or extendable sponge/cloth.
  3. Rinse again with the hose.
  4. Spray windows with your vinegar/water mixture and clean off with squeegee, working from top to bottom at an angle.
  5. For stuck-on or stubborn dirt, let vinegar sit for a few minutes before removing.

Remember to clean window screens as well in your fall cleaning by removing them and spraying in this order: clean water, vinegar water, and clean water. Let dry before replacing.

Wash Where You’ve Been Sitting All Summer

During the warmer weather, you probably spent a bit of time sitting on the couch. Now is the time to clean up that upholstery and get it ready for your holiday gatherings.

For leather upholstery fall cleaning, use a moisturizing soap mixed with water to lather on with a soft cloth. Remember to not get the furniture too wet and do not rinse; just buff with a soft cloth. After, polish the leather using a mixture of one part white vinegar mixed with two parts linseed oil. Buff that in with a cloth, let sit 10 minutes, and buff again.

For cloth upholstery fall cleaning, start by vacuuming the piece using the upholstery attachment, moving left to right in small, overlapping strokes. Use a can of compressed air to blast dirt out of buttons, tufting, and hard-to-reach areas. Create a sudsy bucket of water by adding first a drop of dish soap and then warm water. Using only the suds and an upholstery brush, lightly brush the piece. Follow with a clean, damp cloth to remove suds. Let dry completely.

Fall Cleaning Is Easy with the Right Tools

When you have the right tools and knowledge, your fall cleaning will go by in a snap. Start with windows and upholstery, then move on to cleaning out cabinets and giving all of the floors a good clean or shampoo for rugs and carpet.

Need help with your weekly cleaning or special fall deep cleaning? Carnation Home Cleaning is here for you! We love keeping your home ready for anything—even if it’s just a Tuesday evening at home with the family.

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