Stop Cleaning Your House; You’re Doing It Wrong

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. That is definitely true of cleaning your home. After all, the cleanliness of your domicile is typically directly related to the health of your family. It’s time to ask yourself: Could you be cleaning completely wrong? It just might be time to stop cleaning your house as you’ve always done it. Let’s up your game a notch.

Stop Washing Your Dishes

Did you know the ideal temperature for washing dishes is 170ºF? That’s pretty hot, and probably not something your hands can tolerate. That’s why it is suggested that you either put your dishes into the dishwasher or, if you must hand wash, wear gloves.

When washing dishes by hand, there is a correct way to do so. Are you doing it correctly? Dawn dish soap suggests a specific approach, which starts with prepping your sponge, then washing small to big, and letting dishes air dry before putting them away.

Stop Sweeping Your Floor

Do you have tile or hardwood floors in your home? For those little messes, we tend to grab the broom and dustpan, but is that the most effective approach? Rather than pushing around your debris and getting more dust in the air, a better option is to vacuum. That sucks everything up and gets it out of your home without stirring it up. Vacuum at least weekly.

If you’re afraid you’ll miss the corners, do grab the broom. Just be sure it’s clean. You’re missing the point if you sweep your floor with a dirty broom.

Stop Using the Same-old Cleaning Schedule

While every family is different, there are some guidelines as to when you should clean different areas in your home. It’s time to stop cleaning your house with your old schedule, no matter how “tried and true” it may seem. Check out our list of how often to clean your home for a refresher. Right now, you’re probably doing a full-home clean weekly or biweekly and wiping down the kitchen daily. Is that the right interval for your family’s needs? If you have a pet, for instance, you may want to start vacuuming daily.

Stop Cleaning Your House

Truth be told, most people don’t put in the elbow grease needed to truly get their homes clean. Take mopping, for instance: You can work up a sweat truly mopping your floors, whether you are doing it with a mop while standing or with a sponge on your hands and knees. You probably have other things you’d rather be doing than thinking about how to correctly clean and sanitize your home. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning company is your better choice.

At Carnation Home Cleaning, we ensure that your home is clean, tidy, and healthy. We use only natural products that have no impact on your family’s health, and our team is fully trained in the right way to clean your home.

Contact us for a free estimate to learn more about how you can stop cleaning your house and leave that task, instead, to the professionals.