Weekly House Cleaning: Why You Need to Hire This Out

Responsible adults do weekly house cleaning. It’s just part of life. But imagine that you didn’t have to do that busy little chore every week. What could you be doing with an extra 1–2 hours? Imagine more quality time with the kids, the chance to take the yoga class you’ve been eyeing, more time for your crafty side hustle, or just the opportunity to cue up Netflix on Friday after a long week balancing work and family. It could all happen when you no longer have to tackle house cleaning yourself.

In fact, research shows that people who exchange money for time are happier than those who spend money on material things. Who’s ready to have more time and be happier?

Why You Need to Hire Out House Cleaning

With everything on your calendar, from work to homework to your kids’ full schedule of activities, most weeks, it’s all you can do to keep up with the dishes, laundry, and endless list of errands. What about having a wholly clean home? That usually means setting aside about two hours every week if you want to do it right. That’s a lot of time to set aside. When does it happen?

If you hire out weekly house cleaning, you get those couple of hours back. And there are so many other benefits as well.

Cleaning Done Right

Have you ever wondered the exact way to clean a toilet correctly? After all, cleaning is not your top skill. When you hire a professional cleaning company, you are getting their knowledge. And most house cleaning companies will work with you to clean your home to your exact specifications.

Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

If you’re not cleaning your own home, there’s no need to have cleaning supplies in your cabinets. That means saving money on buying them, as well as giving you more space to store other things. And that vacuum cleaner you thought you needed? Your cleaning company will bring their own as well. Score!

Healthier Home and Family

Many house cleaning companies use “green” cleaning products that are safer for your home and family. As a bonus, when you have weekly house cleaning, you get rid of dust, bacteria, mold, and mildew that could make you and your loved ones sick. That’s huge.

Improved Marriage and Relationships

What’s one big thing that couples, parents, and kids argue about? Cleaning! When you outsource weekly house cleaning, there’s no more blame or resentment in the house. Husbands and wives don’t need to feel as if they’re doing too much or too little, and parents don’t have to argue with their kids to do their chores. Sure, you can still teach the kids to clean up after themselves, but the question of who’s going to vacuum is off the table when you hire out cleaning.

Get More When Outsourcing Weekly House Cleaning

When you choose to hire a professional house cleaner for your weekly house cleaning, you get much more than a clean house. You free up time, you create a harmonious home, you save money, and you ensure a healthier living environment. That’s especially true when you choose Carnation Home Cleaning. We are committed to using only cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and your family. Learn more about us when you request a free estimate.