Coronavirus House Cleaning Tips, Fox10 AZ AM morning news on March 16, 2020

Carnation Home Cleaning owner Gina Bring was interviewed live on Fox10 AZ AM on March 16, 2020, about Coronavirus House Cleaning Tips.


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Male Anchor   0:00
… have happened there, alright closures in place across the valley. So a lot of people are staying on. Look, we’re going to cook at home. We’re gonna hang out at home. The kids are at home. So how do you keep your house germ free as much as possible?

Female Anchor  0:10 
Yeah, so it looks like it harbors germs that could affect your house. So Tom Fergus is live from Mesa with more on how to make sure you’re, you know, disinfecting the right way. Tom, you’re giving us some tips this morning.

Tom Fergus  0:21 
Yeah, good morning, guys. Pay close attention because I’m learning just like you’re learning. I’ve got Gina Bring with me. She’s from Carnation Home Cleaning and you’ve been doing this since 1991, so you know what you’re talking about? Yeah. Let’s talk about the front door. Here we are we walking in we know there’s germs on the handles. But what’s so important about taking care of this area.

Gina Bring  0:39 
So what’s really important about this would be to spray your surface with a good disinfectant and leave it sit on it, and then come back and wipe it back off again with a good microfiber cloth.

Tom Fergus    0:52 
You’re talking about how the first 5 to 10 feet inside your house is the dirtiest you got to pay close attention to that.

Gina Bring
It is, definitely.

Tom Fergus  0:58 
So you’re suggesting people kick the shoes off.

Gina Bring  1:00 
Yes. Take your shoes off before entering your home.

Tom Fergus 1:03
Yeah. All right, so let’s go over here and the handles all around my house. I always clean the handles. Seems like I’m doing the right thing. Yes. But actually I’m not.

Gina Bring  1:10
Right, right. Most people do do that. What when you’re cleaning your handle, that’s great. But you also have to remember whenever anyone opens the door, they close it like this. **Yeah. So you’re sure you’re wasting the area around the handle as well as the handles.

**Tom Fergus (cuts in)
All the time

Tom Fergus  1:26
Talk about touch points. I’ve cleaned these pretty well, but you probably want to clean a little bigger section.

Gina Bring  1:29
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Same here again, you come around the corner you’re touching here so as well as the outlet cover.

Tom Fergus  1:36
And if you have kids, usually the sugar buggers are right about that.. ** so you got to make sure clean the sugar burgers as well.

**Gina Bring (cuts in)
Right, definitely all those areas

Gina Bring  1:41
Yes, definitely all those

Tom Fergus  1:42
So we move into the kitchen and you got this beautiful island. I think this is kind of cool. You’ve got different colors for different areas of the house when it comes to these claws.

Gina Bring  1:49
Yes. So what we do is we use red for bathrooms, green for kitchens, blue through the rest of the house with windows included.

Tom Fergus  1:57
Now I would just grab an old t-shirt. I got a bunch of them. I’ve got a bunch of old t-shirts, I’ve got those up start using this rags probably not a good idea to be using so much cotton.

Gina Bring  2:05
Right. Cotton does not absorb and pick up the contaminants like a microfiber cloth will, and there’s different grades. So you want to be sure you have good microfiber.

Tom Fergus  2:15
Okay, you use the mack daddy kill everything stuff. But what’s important about some of these cleaners that people are using some, they really don’t they don’t last that long.

Gina Bring  2:25
Right, right. So the big thing is looking at the labels and reading them, finding out what the proper dwell time is. It’s the time that you would leave the chemical on the surface for it to kill the germs.

Tom Fergus  2:39
Let’s talk about that dwell time. So I spray everything down. I wipe it all down. I’m thinking I’m good. Should I spray it on and leave it there?

Gina Bring  2:45
Yes, anywhere from our product is 45 seconds. It’s commercial. But most of your over the counter products are going to be anywhere from three minutes to eight minutes. Yeah, I need to read about that.

Tom Fergus  2:57
Let’s move on here. We’ll head down to the bathroom. Now. We clean our bathroom as often as you need to. And I always make sure it’s nice and tidy and everything but so many touch points in the bathroom where do you attack this room?

Gina Bring  3:08
You know, there is you’re almost right now gonna want to spray everything down your faucet, your handles your sink, it’s the kids at home, you’re gonna want to be spraying couple times a day.

Tom Fergus  3:18
Leaving it wet seems to be an important part of this whole deal. It seems like we’re putting on wiping it off, just let it sit.

Gina Bring  3:23
Yeah, let it sit, let it do its job and then go back and take it off.

Tom Fergus  3:28
Let’s talk about different swing cleaning and disinfecting because you can go through and straighten everything out and clean stuff but you really want to disinfect, especially at a time at home. Now we’re all kind of chilling at the house

Gina Bring  3:37
right clean is actually taking the soils off of the surface, whereas disinfecting is killing the germs that are on the surface. Yeah, two really big different things.

Tom Fergus  3:47
Yeah, very good. How often should people be cleaning and disinfecting their house?

Gina Bring  3:51
Right now a couple of times a day depending on the traffic that’s coming and going,

Tom Fergus  3:57
Wow, no kidding. just cruise and constantly be cleaning.

Gina Bring  3:59
Keep wiping things down.

Tom Fergus  4:00
Yeah, Gina Bring. That’s why she says bring it on. Because she knows how to clean. Carnation cleaning homes. She’s been doing it for a long time since 91. Hopefully, it helped. I think the one thing that made sense to me was spraying stuff on there and let it sit. Let it be wet for a while and that’ll kill it. You were saying sometimes it’s, it’s 30 seconds to eight minutes for it actually can kill the germs.

Gina Bring  4:19
Right? Right. Really important to be reading the labels, looking up your product and really wearing the proper eye protection and a mask or gloves if needed.

Tom Fergus  4:30
There you go some tips from a pro you guys

Male Anchor   4:32
that’s way longer than I thought five to eight minutes because I was just spraying down my desk out there. I left it for like a minute. So that did nothing.

Female anchor  4:39
Yeah, you dry it afterward.

Tom Fergus
Kick those shoes off too.

Both Anchors  4:45
Eight minutes. All right, so shoes off that. Thanks, Tom. That was really I was interesting.