What New Moms Want—Really!

Having a new baby is so exciting! There’s the baby shower, preparing the nursery, and getting a birthing plan handled. But what about when new moms come home from the hospital?

If you’ve never welcomed an infant into your home, little can prepare you for the changes to your family. And if you’ve had children, you know how hard it can be for new moms to find time or energy to take a shower, let alone do much else. New parents are just living moment to moment, and much of what used to be important falls to the wayside as they adjust to their new lifestyle.

Whether this is a first baby or a third new arrival, the stress is there. For a few weeks (or months), everyone and everything is shifting.

The last thing new moms are thinking about is cleaning the house.

New Moms Need a Schedule Too

Just as new babies need to get used to a schedule of eating and sleeping, their moms (and dads!) long for some of the normalcy they’d previously taken for granted. Often, parents are told to sleep when their newborns sleep, but most adults need more than a three-hour shuteye to get that much-needed REM sleep. Which, of course, leaves new moms exhausted as they struggle with this crazy schedule.

Where do chores fall in all of this?

Most of the time, new parents are left trying to figure out what their new child wants. Is it a clean diaper? Food? Sleep? They’re usually able to keep up with cleaning bottles and clothes, but that’s about all that can really be expected for those first few weeks of parenthood. Let’s face it: They’re lucky if they remember to feed themselves!

How can you help them get back on track?

Great Gifts for New Moms

While the baby shower is the ideal setting to give onesies, diapers, and adorable stuffed animals, those are more for the baby than the parents. What, then, do Mom and Dad really want as they maneuver through those first few weeks of parenthood?

The short answer is: Anything that makes life easier.

Great gifts for new moms usually fall in the realm of services. If you can do something for them that takes it off their to-do list, you’ll be their hero. Consider:

  • Meals: either something you’ve cooked yourself, money toward a local service (e.g., GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats), or even a meal-kit delivery service will help erase the worry of, “Wait, what are we going to eat?”
  • Mobile spa services, such as massage, manicure / pedicure, or hairstylist. Remember that thing about not finding time to shower?
  • Dog walking, whether you do it yourself or hire a local dog walker. Fido needs a little attention too.
  • Subscription to a streaming service, if they don’t already have one. The movie theater won’t be part of their life for a while now.
  • Babysitting, even if it’s just to cuddle a colicky baby while Mom and Dad catch a few Z’s.
  • Housecleaning services. After all, who wants a messy house when you have a newborn?

Housecleaning Makes a Great Gift

When finding time for a shower and trying to figure out what to eat are challenging, you can bet that picking up a broom or mop is just out of the question. But houses get dirty. And babies and their families deserve better.

By hiring a professional housecleaning service, you help Mom find more time in her day to tend to Junior or just rest. It could be a one-time clean or an ongoing service for the first six months until the family is used to their new normal schedule. Either way, you will seriously earn brownie points with the new moms in your life when you help them keep a clean home.

Carnation Home Cleaning Loves Babies!

At Carnation Home Cleaning, we understand how up and down welcoming a new baby can be. Of course, you love your little bundle of joy, but everything else just seems like so much work. Who wants to wash dishes when you can cuddle a little one? That’s where we come in. Let the new moms cuddle with their babies; we can handle the cleaning.

From regular cleaning to a special one-time service, we take care of it all. Just give us a call for an estimate. We look forward to seeing that cute little one and helping keeping the house super clean for them!