The Perfect Bridal Registry Gift: Home Cleaning Services

Holiday weddings are so beautiful. And in the Phoenix area, with cooler winter temperatures, an outdoor wedding is certainly magical. If you’re on the guest list for such a wedding, you may be wondering what to buy the happy couple. Although it may seem nontraditional, the perfect bridal registry gift may be home cleaning services. After all, the newlyweds have much more important things to think about than cleaning.

Who Needs Another Toaster?

The average age of people getting married for the first time is between 25 and 30. By that age, they’ve graduated college and lived on their own for a bit. They may have even lived together as a couple for a year or more before getting married.

They don’t need another toaster.

When searching for a bridal registry gift, you’re less likely to see the things our parents and grandparents had on their registries. No one uses china or crystal these days. And they have most of the things they need already.

Plus, if you’re attending the wedding of an older couple, you can be certain that they’re looking to downsize their belongings rather than add to the list. The likelihood is that they don’t need or want kitchen appliances or place settings.

Services and Experiences Are More Welcome Today

While everyone enjoys opening a present, most newlyweds in the 21st century are focused on practicality. As a wedding guest in 2020, you may be asked to contribute to a honeymoon fund rather than wrap up a gravy boat.

Couples love experiences. And today’s couples appreciate convenience. Just look at the burgeoning number of subscription boxes on the market now. You can have everything shipped to your home in a matter of days, and with Shipt and UberEats, you practically don’t have to leave the house.

That’s why the perfect bridal registry gift may not be what you’d expect. Instead of shopping at Macy’s or Nordstrom, how about providing a service that will make the first few months of marriage that much easier?

What Is the Perfect Bridal Registry Gift?

You have so many choices today for a great bridal registry gift. You could just write a check. Or you could get creative. And you can even purchase a subscription service.

At Carnation Home Cleaning, we have a suggestion that is always well received: home cleaning services.

You can give a one-time cleaning to get the happy couple set up in their married life together. Or you can even purchase six months or a year of monthly cleaning services to help them avoid one of the stressors of married life. No matter what you choose, you can bet your bridal registry gift will be well received.

Cleaning Services Will Reduce First-year Arguments

Did you know that cleaning and household chores are among the top 3 things married couples fight about? Simple tasks around the house can lead to big fights, especially for newlyweds who are still getting used to each other’s quirks.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not home cleaning is a great bridal registry gift, remember that your thoughtful present could preserve the honeymoon phase for a bit longer. And wouldn’t you feel awesome knowing you contributed to a happy home and marriage?

How Do You Give the Gift of Home Cleaning?

Giving home cleaning as a gift is easy. Most cleaning services offer gift certificates. You can purchase them in a set amount and present them to the couple at their wedding. If you want to be sure you are providing the right dollar value, you can request an estimate ahead of time. After all, who wants to give a gift that comes with a price tag that the couple needs to cover? That would just be embarrassing.

Contact Carnation Home Cleaning to discuss your bridal registry gift. While home cleaning may not be sexy, it’s definitely one of the things everyone needs. And it’s always the right size and color.