Tips on home cleaning amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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Wipes and hand sanitizers are becoming a part of everyday life, and they are hard to find everywhere.

For home cleaning, however, people will need to do much more than just wipe it down.

Carnation Home Cleaning has been extremely busy during the pandemic, with new and current customers asking for thorough disinfecting of their homes.

Company officials say they are different than other maid services, because they are certified technicians. They are also sharing some tips on how people can clean their homes, like they do.

“If you are disinfecting, make sure you leave it on for proper dwell time. It can be anywhere from 45 seconds from the product we use to 10 minutes, so what that means it needs to stay wet for the entire time for it to inactivate the germs and viruses there,” said company owner Eugena Bring.

Bring says the proper way to wipe is by folding the cloth.

There are eight sides to a cloth, so if you are folding it correctly, you can clean all sides with this because when you are cleaning and removing particulates, you have one wipe per side then fold it,” said Bring.

Bring adds not to cross-contaminate the cloth with other areas of the house, and says to always clean touchpoints like handles, switches, or knobs.

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