Carnation Home Cleaning vs. The Cleaning Authority: Choose Local.

You’ve heard it before: When you choose a cleaning company, you need to choose one that you feel comfortable with—and that does a great job. As you review the company that’s best for you, you have a choice: Carnation Home Cleaning or The Cleaning Authority. Which is the right option for you, your home, and your family?

Get to Know Carnation Home Cleaning

Carnation Home Cleaning is a locally owned and managed house cleaning company serving the East Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area since 1991. Their services include:

  • Repeat cleaning
  • One-time cleaning
  • Move-in / move out
  • Construction / remodeling
  • Vacation rentals

Carnation’s belief is that “clean doesn’t smell.” Rather than putting harsh chemicals in your home that could hurt you, your family, or your pets, the Carnation approach is to use only earth-friendly cleaning products. These include deionized water, Green Seal-certified cleaning products, and HEPA filters in their vacuum cleaners.

Get to Know The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority was started in 1977 in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area and began franchising in 1996. They currently have more than 225 locations across the US. Their services include:

  • House cleaning and sanitizing
  • Apartment cleaning and sanitizing
  • Move-in / move out
  • One-time cleaning

The Cleaning Authority uses a detail-clean rotation system that divides your home into four zones: bathrooms, living areas, sleeping areas, and kitchens. They start their system with a deep clean of the home and then rotate through a deep clean into each zone, while also providing a thorough cleaning of the other three zones.

Like Carnation Home Cleaning, The Cleaning Authority is committed to green cleaning. They use products that areECOLOGO certified or have the EPA Safer Choice logo.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Both Carnation Home Cleaning and The Cleaning Authority offer a satisfaction guarantee. Carnation will come back to your home to make it right. While there are no specifics listed on The Cleaning Authority’s site, they likely offer something similar. What they do rely on is their years of experience and unique cleaning approach when referring to their guarantee.

Local vs. National

One of the big differences between Carnation Home Cleaning and The Cleaning Authority is that Carnation is based in the Phoenix area, while TCA is a national franchise. One of the things that TCA calls attention to on their site in this regard is that each franchised location is locally owned. It’s an interesting distinction.

If you were to look at each national brand as “locally owned” because of a franchise, then most of the brands you know would be like that. The vast majority of quick-serve restaurants are franchised, as are many other companies, such as dry cleaners and print shops. It’s true—in a roundabout way—that these companies are locally owned.

Why Choose Carnation For Your Home Cleaning?

While we certainly aren’t going to say that another house cleaning company is bad, we do think Carnation is a better choice for Valley-area homes. We are local through and through: we started here in Phoenix and haven’t left in more than 25 years. Our team is committed to your family, pets, and the environment with our cleaning products that don’t leave anything toxic in your home. And we offer competitive prices to take that cleaning task off your plate.

Why not check us out? We’ll provide a free estimate and you can see for yourself which cleaning company is right for you.