Have Seasonal Allergies? Try These House-cleaning Tips

Think seasonal allergies aren’t a thing in the Phoenix desert? Once upon a time, people would move to the desert to avoid the symptoms they suffered from back east. While there may be some relief in our drier climate, ragweed, grass, and dust mites still abound. And as we have more residents in the desert, many of them feel inclined to transplant their beloved flora and fauna that caused the issues in the first place.

Is there anything you can do for those allergies, short of a neti pot and regular doses of allergy medicine?

It turns out that cleaning your home appropriately (and more often) can make a huge difference in how seasonal allergies affect you and your family.

Focus on the Bedroom

Given that about one-third of your day is spent sleeping, the bedroom is likely where you’ll be most exposed to allergens. Change sheets weekly—including comforters and blankets—washing all in warm to hot water to kill dust mites and remove pollen. You may also want to invest in dust-mite covers for your mattress and pillows.

Keep in mind that roughly 10% of us have some allergic responses to dust mites, so taking precautions is a smart idea. And a typical mattress can be home to tens of thousands of dust mites.

Vacuum weekly with a HEPA filter and shampoo carpets once a month during allergy season. Dust mites live in carpets as well, so if you have severe allergies, it could be best to switch to hardwood or tile floors.

Clean drapes and blinds and keep the windows closed during allergy season, especially if pollen is one of your triggers.

In the Laundry Room

Pollen tends to settle just about everywhere. While it might be a no-brainer to wash your bedsheets regularly, seasonal allergies call for a bit more washing.

Remove decorate pillowcases from beds and furniture for a good wash. Curtains that can be washed should make their way to the laundry room as well. When was the last time you washed them anyway?

While all of that is washing, use your vacuum to pull out any dust and pollen from upholstered furniture. If you have leather or pleather furniture, give that a good wipe down with a damp cloth.

For those things that can’t be washed, such as pillows, toss them in the dryer on high for a cycle. That will kill any of the critters living in there.

And when doing laundry, avoid drying clothes outside. Pollen is especially brutal outdoors, so you’ll just defeat all of your hard work by hanging those clothes and sheets to dry.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Even if you might not consider yourself allergic to pets, they still have dander that can aggravate other conditions, especially when seasonal allergies are in play. We love pets, so we’d never suggest getting rid of them (or sending them to Aunt Sally’s for part of the year). Instead, make a plan to give them a good bath and brush weekly. This will minimize the dander and remove the pollen they pick up outside. Plus, regular brushing helps with the shedding they go through this time of year.

And yes, your cats need baths as much as the dogs do—especially if you have an allergic reaction. Remember that dander is skin flakes on your pets’ fur or feathers. But it’s not just skin that causes allergies; saliva can as well, which is why bathing Kitty is so important in the allergy battle.

Keep the Outside Out to Reduce Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are usually a result of outside issues, and while they can be exacerbated by indoor culprits, the root of the challenge lies in what’s growing outdoors.

To minimize seasonal allergy issues, keep the outside out.
• Put door mats outside and inside of each exterior door to remove anything that might track inside.
• Shake off coats and jackets outside before coming in, or just leave them in the garage or mud room.
• Keep windows and doors closed, relying on AC to cool your home.
• Take off shoes as you enter your house, so you don’t track in any pollen.

Proper Cleaning Is Key to Curb Seasonal Allergies

One of the absolute best ways to reduce symptoms associated with seasonal allergies is to clean your home weekly. Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping will do wonders to reduce pollen, dander, and dust that cause sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose.

But who wants to clean when it makes you feel worse?

Carnation Home Cleaning has your weekly cleaning covered. Contact us today for a free estimate, and you’ll be on the road to fewer problems with seasonal allergies in no time!