How to Keep a Clean Home for the Holidays

Ah, the holiday season. It’s a time of festivities and family, with people coming and going. And with all that activity, it’s no wonder your home gets pretty dirty. We all want clean homes year round, but having a clean home for the holidays can become a priority. After all, we all want the in-laws to ooh and aahh about how fabulous our places look!

When it comes to keeping your sanity while maintaining a clean home, most of us can use a little help. Read on for our tips on how to keep a clean home for the holidays.

Focused Efforts Create a Clean Home for the Holidays

For less stress and mess, focus on these tips to have a company-ready clean home for the holidays:

1. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Your mother-in-law is coming in an hour, and you’re out of spray cleaner? Prevent last-minute stress by being organized. Remember to stock up on detergent too, to keep your guests’ linens and towels clean and fresh.

2. Think Like a Guest

Take a stroll through your home with the fresh eye of your guests. During your walkthrough, be on the lookout for things you might regularly overlook. Some areas include dirty throw rugs, glass with fingerprints, or dead plant leaves.

3. Vacuum Every Day

It’s not fun, but if you’re on task with sweeping up dirt, fur, and crumbs, you’ll never to have to worry whether your guests will crunch a potato chip underfoot. The peace of mind is worth the extra effort.

4. Organize Cleaning Supplies by Location

Stock a caddy with everything you need to clean the bathroom, so it’s all at your fingertips. Stock another with supplies for the kitchen. And another for the bedrooms. You get the idea.

5. Use Baskets to Corral Clutter

From pet toys to LEGO to magazines, stash it all in decorative baskets to make the chaos of daily living look organized.

6. Delegate!

Ask your kids and spouse to step it up with specially assigned chores so you can all enjoy a clean home for the holidays.

7. Freshen Up

Fresh flowers and festive arrangements add color to unexpected areas. Put a little something extra in guest bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the dining room table.

8. Focus Energy on Kitchen and Baths

They’re not only voted places most likely to be dirty, they’re also where people will likely spend time when visiting your home. But it’s not just for guests. You’ll have a lot more fun cooking and hanging out in your own kitchen when it’s clean.

Clean Home for the Holidays Tricks

When guests are on the way and you need a few quick tricks, keep these tips up your sleeve:

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies in Your Main Bathroom

When you get those dreaded pop-ins and early arrivals, excuse yourself to the bathroom and spend a couple of minutes doing a quick clean. No one will be the wiser. Bonus: Keep a set of clean hand towels in there too for a quick switcheroo.

2. Take Out the Trash

Full trash cans can be smelly. Plus, no one wants to cram their trash into an overflowing can. Bonus: If you have a cat, make it a holiday habit to clean out the litter box daily. While you may have become immune to the smell, your guests will notice. Let Whiskers’ fluffy cuteness be the reason your guests notice him, not his stinky litter.

3. Fill a Laundry Basket

When you’re in a pinch, quickly declutter by throwing everything that’s out of place into a laundry basket—then stash it out of sight until after your guests have left. Just make it a priority to empty that basket later!

4. Call Carnation Home Cleaning!

One last tip: Carnation Home Cleaning can help you keep your home guest ready at all times, so you will have a clean home for the holidays without all the work. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for people, pets, and our environment. Contact us today for a free estimate.