Bathroom Cleaning: What Are You Missing?

It seems pretty obvious to say it: The goal of bathroom cleaning is a clean bathroom. Many of us miss some of the critical areas, unfortunately. And your bathroom is one of the most high-traffic, high-germ rooms in your home. When it comes to keeping your bathroom clean, what areas might you be missing? Where could you do a better job of keeping your home clean and safe?

We have gathered this list of the hidden zones you may have missed the last time you cleaned your bathroom. Use our hints to zap away bacteria and grime, and you may even find that you save a little time and money in the process.

Toilet Cleanliness

For most of us, the only throne we’ll ever sit on is in our bathroom. Call it a throne, commode, toilet, or potty, this seat is probably one of the dirtiest in your home. If you’re just cleaning the handle, seat, lid, tank exterior, and bowl, you’re not doing enough. Frequently missed spots include the toilet base, the underside of the bowl, and the plumbing behind your toilet—all of which collect dust, dirt, and germs through regular use. Plus, did you know that when you flush the toilet before closing the lid, germs spray out of the bowl and land on surfaces? These can include E. coli and salmonella. So keep a lid on it and, just in case, sanitize the whole toilet regularly.

Shower, Tub, and Sink

When’s the last time you cleaned your showerhead and faucets? Mineral deposits can build up quickly, especially in Arizona, where most of us have hard water. That means reduced water pressure, corroded faucets, and an unsightly mess. And did you know that dirty showerheads can also contain Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen linked to pulmonary disease? By keeping your showerhead and faucets clean, you’ll save yourself the expense of replacing them sooner than you should.

One area that you may not think about until it’s time to call the plumber is the drain. Dirt and hair can clog drains, so a regular cleaning will help to keep them clear.

Finally, remember to clean your shower curtain and liners, which are magnets for soap scum, mildew, and bacteria.

Lights and Cabinets

While you probably remember to wipe down the mirror above the vanity and on the medicine cabinet, you may be missing some of the obvious bathroom cleaning areas: lights and inside cabinets. That includes medicine cabinets as well as storage spaces. Although you probably don’t need to pull out everything from its cozy spots, plan a spring clean at least once or twice a month during which you empty out the entire bathroom and give all of the surfaces a good scrub. Bonus: You may find that extra box of toothbrushes you thought you bought last summer!

One area that can be a pain to clean—but still needs it—is lighting. Vanity lights can obtain a layer of dust before you even realize it’s there. When you check your smoke alarm batteries, keep the ladder out to wipe down the bathroom lights. Believe us when we say you won’t get to it when you need to change the bulbs, so don’t bank on that happening.

Bathroom Cleaning Includes the Air Too

Let’s face it: Bathrooms can be smelly. You have all of those people using them multiple times a day, and some people even keep a litter box in there as well! Keeping a non-toxic air freshener

on the back of the toilet is always a smart option to keep the air clean and smelling nice. But there are fans and air registers in bathrooms as well, and they help keep the air not only clean but circulating as well.

For the best bathroom cleaning, remove the covers from vents to get inside and behind, where dirt is hiding. Add this to your list of areas to pay attention to when you are cleaning lights and cabinets.

Take Bathroom Cleaning Off Your List

If you’re now feeling as if you haven’t been doing your bathroom justice yourself, you’re not alone. Many people are missing some of the important areas of the bathroom. We have a solution: Call Carnation Home Cleaning! We make sure to clean all of the surfaces in your bathroom, especially the ones you’ve likely been skipping. Contact us now to get your free estimate.