Your Post-quarantine Cleaning Checklist: 4 Things to Clean Now

Thankfully, life in the Valley of Sun is getting a little closer to normal every day. Sure, it’s something of a “new” normal, but at least we’re able to go back to the office and shop for non-essential items. We’ll call that a win. But even with some renewed normalcy, there are still chores to contend with. Before you forsake your house, here are some post-quarantine cleaning items to take care of.

1. Refrigerator

Over the course of the last few months, you may have been going to the grocery store and Costco on a regular basis, you know, just to get out. Or alternatively, you may have been getting by with delivery groceries and meals. Either way, your kitchen has likely seen a lot of extra activity recently. And before you really stock up again, start post-quarantine cleaning with one of your major appliances: the much-used fridge.

For a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning, which Home Depot recommends doing quarterly, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off / unplug the refrigerator so it can defrost.
  2. Empty everything, throwing anything that’s old, spoiled, or expired.
  3. Take out the removable drawers and shelves to clean.
  4. Clean the shelves.

Now your fridge is ready to be filled and organized.

2. Stove

Were you one of the many stay-at-home folks who was experimenting with sourdough during quarantine? That plus cookies, brownies, and regular dinners probably took a toll on your trusty old stove. If you have a glass-top stove, it’s an easier cleanup than burners, where you’ll need to take out the pans and clean them, as well as under them. And then there’s the inside of the oven, which can prove to be a bear.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, be grateful and set the timer. (You may want to make yourself scarce or head to bed while it’s cleaning since the heat and smell can be pretty off-putting.) If you’re not in that lucky camp, there are a couple of natural oven-cleaning options, using either vinegar or ammonia. It may be a chore, but a clean oven is a joy, especially if you bake often.

3. Toaster / Toaster Oven

With kids home for the past few months, bagel pizzas, toast, and frozen treats have no doubt made their way into the toaster or toaster oven. And it’s unlikely the little ones have been cleaning up after themselves. Another good post-quarantine cleaning appliance is the one that’s been used daily, if not more often.

For the toaster oven, clean out the crumb tray, wash the racks, and scrub down the inside of the oven. With the toaster, start with the crumb tray and then turn over the toaster and give it a good shake to get out any extra crumbs. Be sure to wipe off the exterior of both appliances.

4. Wood Cutting Boards

When was the last time you treated your wood cutting boards? Now that you’re doing post-quarantine cleaning, it’s a great time to give them a little extra care. After all, you’ve probably been using them a lot to slice that sourdough!

The Kitchn offers some tips to keep your wood cutting boards in tip-top shape:

  1. After each use, wash with dish soap and hot water. Allow to dry fully.
  2. Every couple of weeks, sprinkle with coarse salt and rub with sliced lemon. Then rinse well and dry.
  3. To condition, grab a lint-free cloth (cheesecloth is a good option), pour a bit of mineral oil onto the wood, and rub in it in the direction of the grain. Reapply until the wood no longer absorbs the oil. Then wipe off and leave to dry overnight.

Post-quarantine Cleaning: Keep It Going!

As you start to get back to life in our new normal, you’ll of course want to keep cleaning. After all, at some point, it will be safe to have parties and open our homes again. Perhaps, as part of your post-quarantine cleaning, you can tackle your kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry or even get into the attic, basement, or garage and get organized. Cleaning always makes you feel better, and it’s a great way to accomplish something while you are passing the time.

Carnation Home Cleaning is here for your post-quarantine cleaning needs, whether that’s a one-time deep clean or weekly or monthly whole-home cleaning. We have new procedures in place to keep your family and our team safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Contact us now to learn more.