Green Home Cleaning: Why It’s Important

Green home cleaning isn’t just about helping the environment. It’s also about creating a healthier home for your family and pets. Want both? Switch to eco-friendly cleaning. Whether you clean your home yourself or have help, here’s why an eco-friendly approach to house cleaning is important for your health and family:

Skip the Harsh and Smelly to Stay Healthy

Harsh and smelly chemicals are hard on your home and health. Those same tough-to-pronounce chemicals that can damage surfaces, fabrics, and even your plumbing can hurt your skin, eyes, lungs, brain, liver, and nervous system, cause migraines, and more. There’s a reason many cleaning labels advise you to wear gloves while using them or to use them only in well-ventilated areas. It’s because they’re irritating and, in some cases, even dangerous to your health. And if you accidentally mix chemicals—such as chlorine and ammonia, two common ingredients in separate chemical cleaners—then look out! The results can be toxic.

Fast fact: There are more than 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, but only 30% of those have been tested for their effect on human health and the environment. Do you really want to roll the dice?

Be Kind to the Environment

Worried about your carbon footprint and how you’re affecting the world around you? Stop using those harsh chemicals, which add to pollution in our air and waterways, and contribute to depleting the ozone layer. Green home cleaning / eco-friendly products are specially formulated to minimize and eliminate damage to the environment. They use naturally derived, biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. Bonus: Many are also committed to using greener packaging. Win-win.

Breathe Deeply—and Easily

We know you like the smell of a clean house. But did you know many common, everyday, off-the-shelf cleaners give off fumes that can be dangerous? Say goodbye to strong chemical fumes! Eco-friendly / green home cleaning products contain natural essences and oils that are not only pleasant to breathe in, they’re safe too. Eco-friendly products also skip those artificial scents you’re used to, which, pleasant though they may be, are still chemicals. When you use eco-friendly / green home cleaning products, you shouldn’t smell the “clean” you grew up with. Now, you can take a deep breath and feel as good about it as you do about your clean house.

Green Home Cleaning without the Chemicals

green home cleaning ladyYou don’t need scientific concoctions to keep your home clean. While chlorine bleach may kill mold, it can also kill your ability to smell. Instead, hydrogen peroxide provides a more eco-friendly alternative. Hydrogen peroxide also kills mildew, and removes stains and sanitizes hard surfaces such as countertops, sinks, and cutting boards.

Deionized (DI) water cleans glass just as well as, if not better than, the common ammonia-based cleaners. When properly used in conjunction with a high-grade micro-fiber cloth, it can also sanitize hard surfaces and eliminate soap scum.

Spend Less, Save More

Green home cleaning can save you money! In many cases, you need only a single product to clean many things, rather than a collection of pricey, chemical-based cleaners, each meant only to clean something specific. And fewer items in your grocery cart means more money in your pocket. And that leads to spending less money—with the added bonus of more storage space.

The bottom line: Eco-friendly cleaning products are better for people, your pocketbook, and the planet. Why wouldn’t you switch?

Start cleaning green today with Carnation Home Cleaning. We use only fragrance-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are safe for people, pets, and our environment. Family owned since 1991, we’re 100% committed to helping families like yours keep your home clean, healthy, and happy.