Carnation Home Cleaning Now Offers Living Space Protection with Fresh Start®

Carnation Home Cleaning now offers extra protection for your home and office. After professionally cleaning and sanitizing, we can apply Fresh Start®, a long-lasting treatment that will reduce the risk of potentially harmful germs, and bacterial-born odors helping to keep your living and workspaces safer and protected longer.

Our trained technicians will professionally treat air ducts, air filters, touch points, countertops, doors, blinds, carpets, furniture, and all other spaces in-between.

What is Fresh Start®?

The Fresh Start® formula includes an FDA approved antiseptic proven to kill germs and is safe for skin contact. By adding Duratain’s® proprietary ingredients it is a product unlike any other. Fresh Start® is a safe, odorless product that does not contain bleach or ammonia and continues to work long after initial contact. Fresh Start (FS-1) has been used in the RV industry for years and is a proven product that is now available for homes and businesses. Duratain® warrants that for a period of three (3) months from date of signature, Duratain’s FS-1 Treatment will reduce the spread of germs on treated surfaces.

Is it time for your home or office to have a fresh start?

To learn more about our Living Space Protection with Fresh Start® service, call our office at (480) 924-2096.